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Probate happens when there is a death in the family, and the deceased person’s properties are sold or dealt with according to the local law and code. It can mean many legal proceedings and can take some time. With the help of an agent, you can avoid the frustration and confusion that can happen along the way.

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You can handle the process yourself but remember, there are codes, laws, details, timelines, and many issues that arise that may not be your specialty. Using a local Probate Realtor will not only explain everything but support you through it. A probate-certified realtor is your alliance and conducts a lot of the work for you that you would end up doing yourself. 

For probate real estate, the requirements are different. The forms, disclosures, timelines, pricing criteria, notices at various sale stages. The selling process for limited authority is more complicated than full authority. A probate realtor can undertake a lot of work to save the estate time and money. Attorney fees are higher; they prefer to work with Probate certified realtors, so funds that belong to heirs are not wasted on training and guiding them.

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You’re in Probate if you are now or will be an executor of an estate. For example, if you are handling the properties and personal belongings of a deceased friend or relative, you will need to sift through the details, and if there is no will, you must deal with Probate with the court systems for the property items.

Using a Probate Realtor specializing in helping families organize, handle the court proceedings and make sure all the details are covered will help you focus on what is important. Additionally, it will help the process proceed much quicker.

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Content provided by Caroline Ryan Danville Realtor

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